Saturday, December 13, 2008


Dear praying friends,
I can’t believe it has been a month since my last update to you. Winter is showing itself here lately. This means it is back to shoveling snow for several elderly and a friend who had knee surgery recently. We are enjoying our wood burning stove after gagging on $500+ gas bills last winter and not being warm. In working on cutting our wood supply for the winter, I have had opportunity to spend time with a couple other guys as we work on getting them some wood too.

Our Tuesday last week found us surprising many, in Aguilar, that we would plow through the snow to bring them bread and other commodities. We so desire them to see Jesus and to know that He desires to give them the bread of life.
Wednesday night, as I was unloading my pockets so that I could pass through security without setting off the bells and sirens, the lady correction officer at the front desk asked me “so what makes your Bible study different than the other Bible studies”? The opportunities God gives us sometimes just amaze me! My answer- “I don’t really know what is taught in the other studies, but in ours we look at what the Bible teaches about and then life application of Jesus living in us. We talk about such intimacy with Jesus that when I am faced with choices He and He alone is my source. We learn to identify our pride, self-centeredness, and idolatry in order to run from them and to Jesus our hope.” I shared this with the guys in the study and there were many smiles and praise God as they told me “you know she’s not a believer”.

The attendance has been down the last couple of weeks as about a ½ dozen have been released. Would you join us in praying for these men as they go back home and around the environment that influenced them? Pray that they will constantly and desperately seek Jesus for all their answers and choices.

Building relationships is a big step here to getting to talk to people about Jesus. I have been building relationship with Simon this last year. Sometimes I wouldn’t see him for awhile.. But the week before Thanksgiving he found me to ask me to feed his horses for about 2 ½ weeks. The guy who was supposed to left town, and Simon remembered that I have told him numerous times that any time he needs help to please give me a call. :^)

Mary had a Christmas dinner for some ladies last Wednesday while I was in Prison. She is having another dinner this Wednesday with the desire to start up a Bible Study with those who have interest after the 1st of the year.

We look with great anticipation to the work that God is beginning, knowing that He will continue to completion what He starts.

Bill & Mary

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