Friday, February 13, 2009

2-18-09 update- Famous Footwear, Prison Stint, New Bible Study!!!!

I'd like to give you a brief break from FOX News, CNN, MSNBC, and all the rest of the purveyors of "news".

Prison update

I have told you how the inmates at HCCC expressed an appreciation for me coming and doing a Bible study with them. The last couple of weeks that has changed to "we really appreciate what we are receiving and learning about "Christ in you" moment by moment." Last week, towards the end of our time 3 men asked for forgiveness from their "brothers" for the ways they have acted and spoke. (Sorry Randy but I just have to borrow this from you.) :>) YEEEEEEEEE HAAAW!!!!!! Don't stop praying for these men - pray that they will BEcome "agents of redemption" at the prison and on the street when they are released.

Did I mention another birthday? Didn't I just have one of those? The great thing is they say with age comes wisdom. HMMMM maybe I'm younger than I think.

Aguilar Bible Study!

This Friday evening a new Bible study will be starting in Aguilar with some men. (the women look disappointed they can't come) Looks like we might have between 6-8 there. We will tell you more about this on our next breaking news.

Famous footwear!

Last week we were very privileged to have the new Executive Director of AMF in our home. Yes that's the one - the guy wearing the red tennis shoes-Ridge Burns. Our Regional Director Stan Spiess, brought him to meet and visit with us. Ridge (don't call him Dr.) has been traveling around meeting the missionaries and learning about the workings of AMF. Apparently he was curious to get a peek at some "rookie" missionaries. We had a blast! Took him to Aguilar and by the prison so that he could not just hear about but see. The community center was open when we arrived and so Ridge got to meet a few of our Aguilar friends.Did I mention we had a blast? Wasn't that more refreshing than the news ?

Be blessed,

Bill & Mary

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