Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dear Friends,
Just in case you are kind of tired of listening to the news lately, can I, as Paul Harvey would say, wash your ears out with what God is up to in SE Colorado.

Tuesday we had the "Coffee & Chat Time" in Aguilar with 4 people showing up. Some great conversation was had. We then took some surplus bread to the low income housing and were blessed to meet 9 new people. One man expressed a desire for a Bible study and several young women are looking for practical helps on being a better wife and mother. Pray with us as we seek what all God wants to do as He moves us through these opening doors.

Along with the Wed. nite Bible study, last week I began leading a Wed morning study called, "The Power for True Success- How to build character in your life". This takes place in the Faith Pod at the Huerfano County Correctional Center. This week I came in as the men were finishing their praise and worship time. What a joy it was to hear 35 of them sing and lift praises to Jesus. We had a good lesson on Joy vs. self pity. The interaction with these guys is great, and they have no problem going for 1 1/2 hours. This time abruptly ended with a call for an emergency lock down. And you know what that means - no one leaves. The biggest problem here was, it was lunch time and I was ready to eat.

That evening at the Bible study as we looked at our justification, we had some great discussion, and I believe we all went away with our relationship with the Father a little deeper. A real highlight for me was hearing several express how really grateful they were to be at this prison. I know that doesn't sound quite logical until you hear them explain that they are learning the real meaning of being a follower of Jesus and deepening their walk with Him. This coming from guys who are not new to the prison system, they are frequent flyers. But deep in their hearts they desire a transformed life, a life under the control of the Creator of the universe, with Him flowing from them. I don't know if I can fully communicate, to you, the gratitude they express weekly to me for coming to them. I always tell them it is because of some of the greatest people I know, our supporters, who make it possible for me to be there. Would you consider yourselves thanked by these men and me for your generosity, until the day we can all face to face thank you.

1. Pray for our regional director, Stan Spiess, he is in the hospital with a lot of abdominal pain. The doctors are looking at the possibility of tumors causing this.
2. As I write this we are working with a family, (they are presently staying at our house) who are in a lot of need. Mostly they need to fall at the feet of Jesus and let Him BE in control of their lives. I will say there are some serious financial needs that we believe will be met as they choose to live in God's design and plan for them.
3. Tomorrow we will travel to Denver Seminary on a recruiting mission. Pray that some will consider the mission field of the U.S. and hear God's call to them.

Seeking Him,Bill and Mary

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