Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Letter

And He said to them, “Follow Me (or come here after Me), and I will make you fishers of men.” Matt. 4:19. I think an amplified paraphrase might say it like this- Run hard after Me in a singular, passionate pursuit. Come close in proximity and intimacy with Me, so that ALL of your choices, thoughts, and responses in life come from Me. Then you will catch men. You will catch them off guard, you will catch them by surprise, you will catch them wanting this for themselves.

As Phillip and I walked toward the last locked gate, that on that night only I could go through, he told me good night and goodbye as he was to be released on Tuesday. I challenged him to seek Him, desperately seek Him. Seek Him for your every breath, your every decision, your every choice, your every response. Let Jesus BE your every thought and movement. Oh how I wished for more time with Phillip. You see a few weeks before, Phillip had asked me, “So are you trying to tell me that my physical life and my spiritual life intersect, that they overlap?” I stepped up close and looked him in the eye and asked. “Can you take even a breath on your own?” “Can you make it to work on time without Him?” “Can you make the right choices all the time unless it is Jesus flowing through you?” Pray for Phillip and pray that he will find a man to continue mentoring him and hold him accountable. Pray for those in the prison Bible study.

On Dec. 7 we had 17 graduate from another Financial Peace University class. What a joy it is to see people begin finding the joy and peace of handling our finances as stewards and following the plan and design of the Father.

Mary and I recently spent 16 hours over 2 Fridays going through Hospice training to be spiritual care volunteers. This area has had one volunteer and at times run him pretty thin. We are looking forward to having the opportunities to talk to some of the clients and sometimes their families about God’s plan for them and His desire to redeem them; with others it will be a time of rejoicing with them.

In Aguilar we have been pleased with the “Coffee & Chat Time”. It is a good time of getting to know some in the community & about the community. We have also been able to meet some as we go around handing out surplus bread. Mary has taken some meals to the elderly that are having a hard time caring for themselves. We want the people of this little town to know we care and by that to see that Jesus cares.

Thanksgiving found us sharing our table with (from l-r) Gilbert, from Aguilar, Ray who has been living with us for about 6weeks, Bill Biss, Bill, and Wendy our neighbor. Mary treated us to a wonderful turkey dinner with all the fixins and a lot of love mixed into every part of this day. She has a special way of making everyone feel welcome and special in our home.

In the past couple of days our home has taken on the appearance of celebrating! Thanks to Mary’s wonderful decorating gift, we have a heightened level for celebrating “the Gift”, His Son, our provision for salvation and the power living in us.
“And when they saw the star, they REJOICED exceedingly with great joy.” Matt.2:10

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Anonymous said...

Wow - what a powerful testimony. I am so moved by your passion for Christ - to seek Him, breathe Him....make Him your center and all. I am so encouraged by this post. Thank you for sharing!! ~alice