Sunday, May 3, 2009

Quarterly newsletter- May 09

(This is the information we sent out in our quarterly (snail mail) newsletters- If you would like to receive a paper copy just give us a quick email and we will add you to our list!)

Love in any Language (or Culture)

One of the notable aspects of Jesus' ministry is that He spoke to people in the "language" of their culture. When He talked to farmers He used illustrations and examples common to an agrarian society. He did the same with fishermen, shepherds and others. The Ethnic Summit Conference, we attended in March, gave us the stimulus to discover the cultures of the various ethnic groups we work with in order to speak about the Gospel in the words that they relate to. Pray with us that God will take us to those doors that need opened in SE Colorado.

Enjoying fellowship together at the Ethnic Summit in Arizona

One cold winter evening, sitting by the wood stove, I discovered What I discovered was a media through which I could connect with people I hadn’t seen or talked to in years, many I had lost track of. Patrick, one of the teens in our youth group-30 YEARS AGO, was one of my connections. It wasn’t long before I got a message in my inbox with this question- “Could you put me on track to some passages referring to ...finding the way to God, How do I put aside everything that I believe is
logical and give myself to Jesus?” We communicated back & forth for a month. We had lunch with Patrick as he lived in the same city that the Ethnic Conference was held. Mary and I shared with him a number of scriptures, primarily Luke 15, about our Father who desires the return of His repentant son and the awesome picture of His extravagant love. A few days later we received an email from Patrick –“ had a
wonderful lunch with you two...thank you. I came home and thought about our discussions ...later I sat in my room and realized that the only right thing to do was ask for forgiveness and to come home....I prayed on it. The last time I actually prayed was 20 years ago …. I felt a burden off of me....I will continue to learn and do my best to listen.... I want to continue to have fellowship with you and direction....thank you for pointing me in the right direction.” Pray for Patrick in his new walk with Jesus.

We were blessed to spend 4 days in Mammoth Lakes, Ca. in March, skiing, sightseeing and enjoying time spent with our youngest son David, who works ski patrol on the mountain

The prison ministry is on hold. All Colorado inmates are being transferred to other
facilities. This prison will begin accepting inmates from Arizona. There will be many changes in this move, like no Faith Pod. We have a great chaplain here and he is
working hard to assure that there will be solid Biblical teaching taking place. Continue to pray for the men that we were blessed with as we looked at “Christ in you, the hope of glory.”

BoldFinancial Support Update

During these challenging economic times we have seen a 20% /month drop in our support. Pray with us for new financial ministry partners who will join in this exciting time of reaching SE Colorado with the Gospel.


salmagundi said...

Mary & Bill-- So glad you posted this link today from the other blog. Now, I can follow you through your ministry. Loved all of the pictures from White Rock - I have no idea where that is, but it looks like home to me since I grew up in SE Colo. May God bless your ministry. Sally

Dances with Jesus said...

Bill and Mary: I shall pray for the inmates. I have seen Jesus in the prisons and jails. He said Himself that He was there. "I was in prison and you visited me." The men have my prayers.

Dances with Jesus