Saturday, June 6, 2009

Turkeys, Bees, and VBS!

OK where do I start? Let me just tell you that the last 4 weeks have been an amazing time of watching God work.

* "Training of the Twelve". By the time we got camp set up it had turned into the "Training of the Four", and everyone that was supposed to be there was there. What a great time of getting into the Word, dealing with life issues, fellowshipping together, and hunting with and learning from some avid turkey hunters. Promise not to laugh? The turkey whisperer called one in for me and....... I missed.

* Got home from hunting and quickly shifted gears to promoting for the 2 VBSs that were held May 25-29. One week to let 2 towns know about the VBSs. Being new and not too many people being familiar to AMF, I believed it was important for people to see us face to face. I now have quite a few more miles on my boots, and I got to meet more people.

* VBS Week. Curtis Rhoadarmer brought Ray, Matt, & Alex to lead the VBSs. We recruited Rebecca Rice from the Fairs to add a feminine touch. Good thing she came too, as the VBS in Gardner was attended only by girls. A great big applause for Mary who did all the cooking for this crew and making sure everyone was comfortable. Me - well I got to play and talk to some of the parents and play and burn hotdogs.

**If you will click on any of the pictures below they will enlarge
Gardner- we had 13 girls attend and made some great friends. On Friday at the end of our time we invited families and friends to a weiner roast. We talked briefly about the possibility of a weekly kid's Bible club, since there is nothing going on for the kids in this little town.

Walsenburg- we had 15 boys and girls attend here. It was great to see our backyard full of activity in the afternoons. We met new families here in town through this VBS. We look forward to getting to know them better and find God's directing to minister to them in the future. Between the 2 VBSs there were 15 kids who asked Jesus to be their Savior!!!!!!!!!
Thank you for your faithful praying on behalf of this ministry! God is working!!

We took the team to Bishop's Castle and to Westcliff for some food and bowling as a thank you for all their help-

We kinda sorta thought we would just have a light week this week to prepare for the LaVeta Rodeo Bible Camp starting tomorrow. God thought it would be cool to mess up our plans- it was :>)

Real quick- the condensed version. 14 guys showed up at the new Bible study at the prison. Shared Jesus with Manuel who helped us build fence around Mary's new beehives. 2 new guys at tonights Bible study (one being Manuel). Several opportunities to help/ minister to people in the community. Talked to a couple of neighbor boys who missed VBS but keep asking when we are going to have "church" again.

We also have unexpected guest here this weekend while we help at the Rodeo BIble camp then Mary's sister Maureen, and family will be here Monday and staying the week- Look forward to spending some time with family!

You guys, our faithful support team, are amazing!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Seeking Him,
Bill and Mary

The new beekeeper in town!!

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salmagundi said...

Where is a picture of Mary in the kitchen? I bet she spent a great deal of time there!! Still praying for your ministry. Sally