Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Glidden update 7-21 - Update on Mary's progress

Computers- frustrating things at times! My computer died back somewhere the middle of June. I have our master email list on my computer. We never could figure out how to get it transferred onto Bill's computer. If you have not received our email updates during the past few weeks we are so very sorry. It was not intentional and since that time we have remedied that issue by hand typing all the addresses back in the computer. If you are receiving this email and do not wish to be on our email list just give us a quick email asking to be taken off. I couldn't get to just the ministry email list- I could only access the entire list so I may have added some names that do not wish to be on our update list.

With that said- we thought we should give everyone an update as to the events of the past several weeks- please just skip if you have already been informed of the RATTLESNAKE INCIDENT! Below the summary of what happened is a current update in red.

Saturday June 27 our son Jonathan had brought our 5th wheel back to us as we were heading out to speak at a Sr. high camp the next week and needed it for our time there. Many of you know I became a beekeeper and while we were out at the land I decided to check the bees water. Without warning I felt a prick on my left big toe and told Bill something had just bitten me. I then saw the rattlesnake there by the water tub.

Bill drove me to the Walsenburg hospital where they administered a pain killer Fentanyl- immediately I started with an allergic reaction and felt my face and body begin to swell. I went into anaphylactic shock. The team induced a coma and put me on life support and then Flight For Life took me to St. Mary Corwin Hospital in Pueblo. There I basically fought for my life for several days as antivenin and meds kept bringing allergic reactions.

Finally on Tuesday they told Bill they would start the process of bringing me off the ventilator as the swelling in my airway had decreased. I guess I didn't like the thing, as before they could begin the process I somehow got that thing out of my throat while still being tied down!

I continued to have allergic reactions to the antibiotics and meds they were giving. Finally after 10 days in the hospital I was allowed to go home with, what I call , House arrest instructions- totally off foot- foot elevated at all times- no outside activity.

Bill has been taking care of me wonderfully and my sis, Kathy came out one weekend to help him get a bit of a break!

We went to the Dr. on Friday (July 17) and I can start putting some weight on the foot and hope to be able to start walking with out a crutch in a few more days. My toe is looking pretty good- just the inside part of the big toe has some dead tissue. From talking to others this is a miracle in itself, as most of the time rattlesnake bites will affect the entire limb. Our neighbors brother was bit years ago. His whole arm was affected and he lost the finger that received the bite.

The Dr. also gave me permission to travel so we are planning on going to Tularosa, NM later this week to close on our house and pack the rest of our household!! Yes, after 2 years on the market our home has SOLD!!!

I am so thankful for God's protection and healing grace to me! Your prayers have been such an important part of my healing process and I so wish I could thank each of you personally for lifting me up in prayer and sending cards & plants & flowers, calling, making meals, etc. We have been surrounded by so many who have made me feel so loved and cared for during this time!

Today, Tuesday, I was able to go to our chat and coffee and bread distribution that we have in Aguilar- I so missed this great bunch of people and was blessed to be back. I am still needing to work on building up my strength and endurance- everyone was so sweet about wanting to help. We have grown to love these precious friends so much!

We look forward to seeing how God will use this snake encounter for His glory in the future. It has been a great conversation starter as it seems news got around fast about the lady who got bit by a rattlesnake in Walsenburg!

Praising God for His Abundant Mercy and Grace!

Bill and Mary

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Miss Jean said...

I happened upon your blog and am so relieved to hear that the "snake incident" had a good outcome. Our son just moved to Colorado and I'll for sure tell him to be on the lookout and wear boots when hiking.