Monday, July 6, 2009

Mary's account of Rattlesnake ordeal!

I am simply overwhelmed with emotion as I look back over the last week of my life. I am sitting in my hospital bed at this moment feeling like I am actually going to make it for the first time 7 days. Many have asked what happened last week and so I will try to give you a glimpse of my very interesting week!

Last Saturday our son Jonathan had brought our 5th wheel back to us as we were heading out to do a church camp the next week and needed it for our time there. The camp had issued a paper stating no sandles would be allowed do to snakes- I had ordered a pair of sneakers and thought -well no time like th present to start breaking these puppies in. When Iwent to put them on they ended up being too small and since we were just making a quick trip to the land to unload the trailer I put a pair of sandles on. Many of you know I became a beekeeper and while we were out there decided to check the bees water. Without warning I felt a prick and told bill Something had just biten me when I then saw the rattle snake there by the water hole. Bill immediately drove me to the Walsenburg hospital where they administered a pain killer Fentenye- immediately I started with an allergic reaction and felt my face and body begin to swell. I went into Antifilatic Shock. The team induced a coma and put me on life support and then Life flighted me to Saint Mary Corwins hospital in Pueblo where I basically fought for my life for several days as anti venom and meds kept bringing allergic reactions. Finally on Tuesday they told Bill they would start the process of bringing me off the ventilater- I guess I didn't like the thing as before they could begin the process I somehow got that thing out of my throat. I can not begin to tell of the ordeal of all that went on and yet in the midst of it all Jesus was there in each Doctor, nurse, tech, cleaning lady etc. that ministered to me in my time of need. There is some difficuty with my platelet levels, antibiotic reactions etc but I feel blessed to have been given another day to live for Him. My foot is oh so sore and they feel with all the reactions the antivenon may not have worked. My Fibromylgia is in full flare mode after being bed ridden for 8 days now. I can not put any pressure on my foot for now and hopefully by tomorrow the team of Drs will have some conclusions as to where to go from here. Maybe home? Even so it will be a long recovery time. I am not the most patient person and ask for prayer that I will let God be God during this time and rest in Him and His timing./ My DH has been absolutely a Godsend,our boys were here, my Mom and sisters, tons of precious prayers going up on my behalf- Thank you.

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ann said...

my goodness Mary what an ordeal.yes honey,the Lord has so many more plans for you.i don't think he's quite finished with either of us.ha
Bless your heart all that pain.our freind across the street died about a month ago of cancer.And even though they have now found me with cancer too.i am so lucky.i have the tiniest bit of fact it's really more of discomfort than pain.i could've been so much worse.
i am praying for you my dear.God bless you...Ann