Sunday, August 16, 2009

August Newsletter

Summer Summary

The last part of May was spent preparing for 2 VBSs in our area. Being new and not too many people being familiar to AMF, I believed it was important for

people to see us face to face. I now have quite a few more miles on my boots, and

I got to meet more people.

VBS week was May 25-29. Curtis Rhoadarmer brought Ray, Matt, & Alex to lead the VBSs. We recruited Rebecca Rice from the Fairs to add a feminine touch. Good thing she came too, as the VBS in Gardner was attended by 13 girls, 0 boys. In Walsenburg we had the VBS in our backyard and it was attended by 15 boys and girls.

Between the 2 VBSs there were 15 kids who asked Jesus to be their

Savior!!!!!!!!! Thank you for your faithful praying on behalf of this ministry! God is working!!

La Veta Rodeo Bible Camp What a great time we have helping out at this camp. This was our 2nd year here. Mary again assisted Barb Fair in preparing some great meals for these young cowboys & cowgirls. I helped with the Shooting Sports part of the camp.

Building Fences and


Mary decided to get into the bee raising business. One of the things she needed was a “bear proof” enclosure for her hives. Manuel lives in Aguilar & he has built fence most of his life.

Having Manuel come help me would be a good way to continue building a relationship with him. Mary brought us lunch & we spent the next 2+ hours talking about Jesus & His gift of redemption for us. Manuel is now also coming to the Friday night Bible study in Aguilar


June 27 Mary was seeing to the needs of her bees and was bit on the toe by a rattlesnake. Minutes after getting to the emergency room she went into anaphylactic shock. We are so thankful that we were at the hospital at this life threatening moment. She was

intubated & flown to Pueblo where she spent the next 5 days in a coma and a total of

10 days in the hospital. We don’t begin to know the reasons why this has happened but we have had opportunities to tell people about God’s love, provision, & healing. We were privileged to get to pray with & encourage several families as well as staff at the hospital. About 10:30 one evening I was prompted to go get something to eat. There were several long painful & restless nights for Mary as she came off the sedation.

Getting on the elevator, I discovered I was with the CEO of the hospital. I just had to thank him for having such a wonderful & caring staff. We began talking & he wanted to know about Mary’s condition & how it happened. No way to let this conversation go by without giving praise to our Father & His healing touch. I also got to share with him what we do as missionaries in SE Colo. The last 2 months have been quite different than we had planned & thought was God’s plan for us. Thanks to the thousands of people all over the world that have been praying for Mary.

Prayer and Praise!

For Mary & the healing that has taken place, & as her body continues to heal.

Our home in New Mexico sold! PTL—we closed July 28th!

My mom (Bill) had surgery for breast cancer at the same time as Mary’s incident. She is now going through chemo treatments and all the emotions and complications that go with that.

We are preparing to start after school Bible clubs for the kids in Gardner & Aguilar

Some people in Aguilar have asked us to begin Sunday services there

The Bible studies at the prison with the Arizona inmates. We have had between 12 & 21 attend each Wednesday night .

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