Monday, September 21, 2009

"Have anything you need help with?" Sept 21 update

"Hey do you have any work that you need help with?" I hadn't seen Matt in several weeks. But yesterday he passed by the house on his way to ??? Matt is one of the teens I have met while helping at the Morning Star Youth group. I have been waiting for this moment for almost 2 months, I just didn't know who God would send. You see I had a trailer full of "stuff" in front of our house- the last load of our things from Tularosa. "How hard do you want to work Matt?"

Matt was up to the challenge. As we carried stuff in and wrestled some furniture up the stairs, I learned a little more about Matt and his family. In previous conversations I had learned that Matt is really into Star Trek, Star Wars and all the deep space research. We were almost done when Matt asked me what I thought was going to take place in 2012. "HMMMM well I know there are a lot of people making predictions based on a lot of things. But I know only this- that God our Father is the only one who truly knows what will happen in 2012 or any other day. Matt did you know that even Jesus doesn't know when He will return? We can trust in Him today and every day for our salvation and for every aspect of our whole lives." I knew Matt has accepted Jesus as his Savior. Now it's time for him to become grounded in scripture and discover what a relationship with Jesus is all about.

Whoa! It is snowing like crazy here today.

Would you be praying as we begin Sunday morning worship and Bible teaching with some in Aguilar this Sunday Sept.27. We have had some ask us about doing this and believe God is leading us to this need. We desire to respond to Him.

Also would you be praying as we seek a location to have an After School Bible Club in Gardner. We had a VBS there this summer and desire to continue working with the children and their families.

Seeking Him,

Bill and Mary

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