Friday, October 2, 2009

Sunday Services in Aguilar- Delay and more delays

To our praying friends,
Many of you are inquiring how Sunday services went in Aguilar. Well we got bumped from using the community center as someone else reserved it. So we were planning to start for sure this coming Sunday. That is until I got a call from the mayor today. She explained to me that we could rent the center but first she wants to have the town board approve it. This is after she had previously said that it would be alright for us to use it. Also until we get that approval I cannot use it for the Friday night mens Bible study. We have been doing the Bible study there since March. I was immediately reminded of Eph. 6:10-19.
Would you all be praying for a resolution to this. No doubt, God has a plan and He is not caught by surprise in all of this. Jesus is the Light and the darkness cannot overcome it.
At the Cross,
Bill & Mary

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