Friday, October 9, 2009

Sunday Services in Aguilar- They're on again!

To our praying and loving friends,

I want to update you on the moving towards having Sunday worship & Bible teaching in Aguilar.

On Monday, about 4:30pm we were heading out of Trinidad, CO with our camper in tow. It had been used for a hunting camp, 50 miles east of there, by the Fairs (fellow AMF missionaries and wonderful friends). I received a call from a brother in Christ who is on the Aguilar Town Board, telling me that they would be meeting at 6pm that evening. One of the items on the agenda was our use of the community center. That meant a very quick trip home, change clothes, and go down to Aguilar.

All that said, it was voted to let us rent the community center temporarily. So we will come together this Sunday and see what God desires to do. One question was " what happens when someone in the community needs to use the center on Sunday morning"? The mayor answered by stating that if we are paying rent then we would have use of it regardless. I sensed the Spirit tell me that that isn't how He wants to work in this time. I asked to address that question and told them that we wanted to be flexible and allow the community center to always be for the community. We could on those occasions meet at a different time or ? The next morning that was put to the test as the lady in charge of the historical society came to me at our coffee time and explained that she had forgot to reserve that center for Oct.25 for their annual chili dinner. "Pat you need to go ahead and plan your dinner for that Sunday". I believe that the light of Jesus is going to overwhelm this little community and possibly through times like this.

In all this we have had one of the little churches in town offer us the use of their building, if we don't mind meeting in the afternoon or evening. Several people from this church were at the town board meeting to support us.

He is worthy to be praised and thank you for your prayers.

Last night at the prison was a great time starting with getting to talk about Jesus and a relationship with Him to the CO (corrections officer) at the front desk, both when I came in and upon leaving. The time with the inmates was great too as we dig into what does an intimate relationship with Jesus look like. We spent some time talking about the incidences that 2 of the men had this week. Then we explored how those moments could have looked different and had an impact on those observing if Jesus had been the Source of the flow from them in everything said and done. I desire that so much for my life and it is stirring to watch as these men begin to grab a hold of this way of living and begin to desire it also. I encouraged these two men to make a positive impact for Jesus by going to those involved and asking for forgiveness.

Last week as the inmates were again thanking me for coming and giving to them of my time, I took the opportunity to tell them that it was possible only because of some very special people, our supporters. I asked them, as they pray to thank God for you and to pray for His blessings on you. Last night several came up to me and told me that they have been and will continue to pray for you. I hope knowing that just makes you feel blessed all the way down to your toes. You are having a great impact into the lives of people here in SE Colorado.

Seeking Him,
Bill & Mary

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