Sunday, March 7, 2010

“You took me to the next level in my walk,"

“You took me to the next level in my walk, in my relationship with Jesus and I can’t thank you enough!” These were the words of one of the inmates Wednesday evening as we met for the last time and again dug into God’s Word. Most of the other men echoed this same thankfulness and what a joy it was to see that the Holy Spirit has indeed, as promised, been at work in their lives. I also expressed my thanks to them for coming to this Bible study and making an opportunity for me to share what Jesus is teaching me. One of my challenges to them was, since you learn even more when you teach others, go and teach other men what Jesus is teaching you.

One of the men, originally from Mexico, has in the past shared a song in Spanish for us. This night he asked if he could share a song he had written in English (he doesn’t know how to read or write English). What a blessing as he sang to us of God’s constant love and working in our lives.

Christ in you, desiring a deep intimate relationship with you and wanting to be the source of every aspect of your life, was always the central focus of these studies. Pray with us that they will live in that truth.

I failed to mention in our last update of a little different opportunity for ministry that has come my way. We have mentioned getting involved as volunteers with Sangre de Cristo Hospice. Late last year I was asked to consider being on the board of directors for this amazing organization. They were interested in having some representation from the southern part of the area they cover. As I interviewed with 2 of the board members, they also expressed a desire for me to bring to the board the perspective of a missionary to this area. This is of importance, I believe, for several reasons. One of those is that we are in the process of searching for a new CEO. The founder and recently retired CEO was very strong on the importance of providing, when requested, spiritual care in addition to medical care. This is an area that could too easily be seen as not really necessary and a place to cut costs. Another aspect I want to explore is in meeting with people in this area to let them know about hospice care that is available to them. This will give me some more great opportunities to meet people, always looking for those open doors to plant seeds and to share the Gospel of Jesus.

It looks like we will be renting the building we mentioned in our last update. We will be looking for some folding chairs and tables to equip this building. We will be going to Alamogordo on Tuesday for Millicent Shyne’s memorial service. If any of you down there know of some chairs and tables that would be available we could bring the truck.

In Christ alone,

Bill & Mary