Saturday, May 8, 2010

God has recently led us into some ministry opportunities that have again stretched us in different ways.

In the last month we have come in contact with several elderly widows who are in poor health. These are women that live alone and have no relatives living near them. We were contacted about one of the women by her niece who lives in Alaska. Are you wondering how she came to contact us? Well so are we.

Mary has taken one to the doctors several times and to the emergency room. This woman’s house payment recently increased by $72.00 a month. This amount, on her small fixed income, is beyond her ability to pay. We are praying with her and trusting that God is in control and this need will be met.

One of these dear women is what you might say a little cantankerous and she is NOT hard of hearing so “please don’t yell at me”. She told Mary that she didn’t need people in her life. These words were spoken while Mary was rubbing her back at her request. She tells us she has not had a real bath in 2 years. She just doesn’t have the strength and has had no one to help her. Pray with us as we allow Jesus to flow into this tough situation. She doesn’t want us to talk religion, and that’s ok because we really desire to only talk about Jesus and His desire to set us free by His redemption.

I was blessed to be asked by a teacher at the Aguilar Public Schools to speak in 6 Jr. High and Sr. High English classes. This last Monday I spent 6 hours with these students. This is another great story as I had never met the teacher that asked me to speak in her classes. Being somewhat limited on what could be said, the desire was to at least make connections with these young people, letting them know who we are and what we are doing in their town. I believe that happened and I am looking forward to what may come from this time. The teacher initially asked us to pray with her for revival in the school. Would you pray with us that these young people would begin to seek Jesus?

Mary and I have been providing spiritual care for a young hospice patient with pancreatic cancer. This week it was estimated that the patient has about 2 weeks to live. Pray with us for the patient and family. Pray also that we will be able to minister to the family in the future.

This next week we will be in Pagosa Springs helping again with the “Training of the Twelve” discipleship/spring turkey hunt.

In Christ alone,

Bill and Mary


mchristiangirl said...

Thank you for sharing these stories. Will keep them all in my prayers. Mary, you already stopped by my blog today but I am signing with my other Christian blog's Open ID.

http;// said...

Bill and Mary, After the death of my husband Blue three years ago my son and I have decided to sell the farm and moved closer to my daughter. I have some heath issues and may need her help. Please pray that our Lord and Savior will guide us in the right direction. Blessings, Deanie