Friday, September 9, 2011

We are Changing Our Name!

Have you ever had the thought that you would like to change your name? Maybe something that had a little different ring to it or that you thought fit you better.
     Well our ministry has not changed, but the mission that we serve with, American Missionary Fellowship, has changed its name to "InFaith." The mission continues to serve the Lord by bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people across the United States, as it has since 1817. In fact our ongoing effort to communicate the unchanging truth in a changing world is the primary reason for our name change. The new name is intentionally shorter and, we believe, more memorable. We pray it will open doors to growth for our mission and for the church in the United States.

     We ask you to join us in prayer for the release of this name and for our mission to continue to reach many people with the good news of God’s sacrificial love as we walk in faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. We still need your support! Please help us spread the word that former American Missionary Fellowship missionaries continue to serve across the United States, now under the banner of InFaith.

The things you love about our mission—our people, our passion for serving Christ in the U.S., our
history, and our love for each other—remain
Mary and I will be using a new email address. Please change our email in your saved address book to


Anonymous said...

I will actually add your ministry to my prayer request link on my blog page. I am so greatly encouraged by the work you are doing and by your conjoined love for the Lord. I am always greatly blessed by Mary's blog and her beautiful love for the Lord ~ much love, alice

Anonymous said...

Have you thought of creating a button for this blog? I would love to add it to my blog page. I still have your prayer request in my prayer request link, but it would be more visible as a button....just a thought!! PS ~ I just added Mary's button to my blog page....oh, how I love Mary's beautiful blog!!