Monday, December 24, 2012

Learning from Jesus while Making Ornaments!

               As I spent time making this year's ornaments,  Jesus spent the time teaching and reminding of so many things.

     The recipe for the clay is 3 ingredients - corn starch, soda, and water.  As I stirred and stirred this conglomeration on the stove top I thought it would never turn in to the "smooth mashed potato consistency" the recipe said it would.  The first try at the recipe I was too impatient (as usual).  Dough stuck the to rolling pin and board.  Then when I tried to lift them from the board they became misshapen - edges were rough and ornaments cracked while drying in oven. 

 Next batch I took my time.  Oh my! What a difference.  Those ingredients really did look like smooth mashed potatoes with enough time given.  I kneaded the cooled dough for several minutes till it became more pliable which made rolling it out a breeze.  After cutting each heart shape a stamp was then used to impress an image on the heart.   A small straw was used to pierce a hole in the top of each heart.  I lifted it from board and very carefully took my finger to smooth out the edges before placing on dehydrator trays to air dry. I then placed the dehydrator close to the fireplace so they would dry.

                Bet you didn't think you would be reading a recipe did you!?  I really am going somewhere here!  As I worked with the second batch of ornaments I thought of how so many times in my life I get impatient with God's timing and though things turn out ok He desired so much more then just ok- He had a really good plan.

 I thought of how-
       -God can take this crazy mixture of humanness  and make something out of it
      - we are kneaded and molded by Jesus, His whole desire to make us more pliable and useful for              His glory.
      -He makes us a new creation, giving us a new heart, stamping us with His name and seal because He    chose to be pierced for our iniquities so we could enjoy awesome relationship with Him!
      -the Spirit lovingly smoothes out those rough edges, sometimes using the iron sharpens iron person or    circumstance to do so.
 I hope in the promise that just as the heart ornaments, when we go through the fire of trials, His promise is that we will be refined - looking more like Jesus.

               A red and white striped string was used so that the heart could be useful as an ornament or present tag.  By His stripes we are healed, The blood of Jesus cleanses from all sin,  He makes us white as snow......

   My, the simple but divinely awesome truths - the heavenly blessing we have all received because of Jesus, Emmanuel, God with Us, came born of a woman born under law to redeem those under the law that we might receive the rights of sons (and daughters).  His recipe for our life is good!

                What a reason to celebrate!  And I do hope you are celebrating and not just getting through this Christmas Season as I have heard so many lament this year.  As the Message Translation so wonderfully states, let me encourage you to "Tune me in to foot-tapping songs, set these once-broken bones to dancing" Ps 51:8  Don't just sit and watch dancing with the stars- Get up and Dance! Dance with Jesus this Christmas!

               Speaking of dancing, we are dancing in praise to our Father for each of you. Thank you for your faithful prayers, support, and love for us and the ministry He has here in SE Colorado.

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