Sunday, September 15, 2013

  Below is our newest newsletter.   If you will right click and open in new tab then when that comes up click on the newsletter it will open up large enough for you to read comfortably.  It won't open up in bigger format if you just click on it- you must right click and  open in new tab or window -

Fall seems to have come early here in Co and along with it rain.  Please pray for all those who have been affected by the severe flooding in the northern part of our state.  

bee blessed
bill and mary

From the Horse's Mouth!

We were interviewed by InFaith concerning our ministry in Colorado- If you would like to hear our heart we encourage you to click this link to take you to the pod cast.

Mary was also interviewed on her idea of hospitality.  You can hear that segment by clicking here.

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Salmagundi said...

Hi Mary & Bill -- I don't know if we are still on the snail mail list, but it is fine with us to receive the newsletter through email or this blog. Save that money when you can!! Hope all is well with you. We are just fine while working on a kitchen redo -- things are in a mess currently. Miss seeing you. Take care, Sally