Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Look at Fun we had Today!!!

60 plus

Home Baked Goodies

25 bags filled with crayons, candy, pencils, and small toys bought over this past year on clearance-

Loaded up all the bags and most of the breads

Took them to Aguilar where we have our Coffee and Chat

and Bread Distribution-

received a
of Happy faces and Hugs!!

Couldn't ask for a better Christmas Gift!

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be Jesus to this needy community!

Now it's time to stoke this

Thaw this,

And set this-

for Christmas guest - between 10 and 15!!

Jonathan and David will not be here this Christmas (we have not had David home for the past 4 Christmases due to his job)
we are thankful that we can be family to those who are here who have no one near -

May you experience the true JOY of Christmas- Immanuel- God with us
This Christmas Season
and every day of the year!

Bill and Mary

December Newsletter online

Merry Christmas!! You can read our December newsletter here- just click on the picture below and it will enlarge-

**We have had several responses to the need of a small tv with VCR- We now have one!! Thank you!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Chilly, Chili and lots more news!

To our praying family and friends,

I think I am past due on an update of what God is doing around here. So here we go.

We have now had 3 amazing Sunday worship times and Bible teaching at the Aguilar Community Center. The first Sunday we met at 9:30 a.m. and had freezing rain for weather. Ten of us Body parts attended. We decided to start meeting at 6:00 pm. So the 2nd Sunday with beautiful weather we had 9 attend. Yesterday evening with snow coming down there were 11 of us meeting to worship Him and dig into His Word. I am not yet convinced that we should pray for bad weather on Sunday.

Hey, remember me telling you that on Oct. 25 the historical society was going to use the Community Center for their annual chili dinner. Mary and I went to the chili dinner, and what a great time to get to meet some more new people. Well they had some chili left over and asked if we would like to have it for our meeting time. Our service last night started with 2 flavors of great homemade chili, salad, and cupcakes. Everyone that wanted more took some home. Whew, were we ever ready to praise our Savior. The singing time would have been great but I am not doing very good at picking out songs that the people know. I am going to try to convince them that we are following Ps.33:3. "Sing to Him a new song" We were thinking that some cd's with just music on them, to sing along with might be helpful. Any suggestions? We will also be looking for a white erase board. I often like for people to see what I am saying, making that visual connection.

Did I mention we have had snow? I just went and bought my 2nd snow shovel since moving here. I found another older couple today who needs someone to shovel their snow. The cup of coffee and great conversation afterward is a nice compensation. Oh and yes always a hug. Our neighbor Wendy calls these our "gumdrop" trees! They were drippin with snow!

It snowed last Wednesday. We got 9 inches in that storm. It was still snowing when I went into the prison for Bible study. I decided these Arizona boys are all from southern Arizona as only 5 braved the elements and would walk a couple hundred yards to the education building. It really turned out well as I believe it was all orchestrated by the Holy Spirit. One of the guys who is a very new believer had some questions and we were able to talk about them easily.

I still kinda get a kick out of some of the corrections officers here. They seem to question why I would show up on such a bad weather day. "Well you see I have to be here. No my boss doesn't make me, but Jesus compels me." "And you know some of these guys really look forward to this time."

You may remember this spring I had the privilege of turkey hunting with a great group of guys. Marvin Robbins aka "Boss gobbler" lead the "Training of the Twelve" on how to hunt turkey, how to call turkey, and how to BE a follower of Jesus. I had a great time being in the field with this big man of God who also happens to be one of the best turkey hunters/callers in the country. I got a call yesterday telling me that Marvin, while deer hunting, had had a heart attack and now stands in the presence of his Savior and Lord. Please pray for his wife,family, and many friends. This morning I was reading several of the Arizona outdoor blogs, all full of condolences, sorrow, and memories of Marvin. He touched many lives in the hunting/ conservation world with his passion for hunting and even more with his intense love of Jesus.

Update on my mom, she is going through radiation treatment the next several weeks. Please remember her in your prayers.

Thank you each one for being there for us!

In Christ Alone,
Bill & Mary

Friday, October 9, 2009

Sunday Services in Aguilar- They're on again!

To our praying and loving friends,

I want to update you on the moving towards having Sunday worship & Bible teaching in Aguilar.

On Monday, about 4:30pm we were heading out of Trinidad, CO with our camper in tow. It had been used for a hunting camp, 50 miles east of there, by the Fairs (fellow AMF missionaries and wonderful friends). I received a call from a brother in Christ who is on the Aguilar Town Board, telling me that they would be meeting at 6pm that evening. One of the items on the agenda was our use of the community center. That meant a very quick trip home, change clothes, and go down to Aguilar.

All that said, it was voted to let us rent the community center temporarily. So we will come together this Sunday and see what God desires to do. One question was " what happens when someone in the community needs to use the center on Sunday morning"? The mayor answered by stating that if we are paying rent then we would have use of it regardless. I sensed the Spirit tell me that that isn't how He wants to work in this time. I asked to address that question and told them that we wanted to be flexible and allow the community center to always be for the community. We could on those occasions meet at a different time or ? The next morning that was put to the test as the lady in charge of the historical society came to me at our coffee time and explained that she had forgot to reserve that center for Oct.25 for their annual chili dinner. "Pat you need to go ahead and plan your dinner for that Sunday". I believe that the light of Jesus is going to overwhelm this little community and possibly through times like this.

In all this we have had one of the little churches in town offer us the use of their building, if we don't mind meeting in the afternoon or evening. Several people from this church were at the town board meeting to support us.

He is worthy to be praised and thank you for your prayers.

Last night at the prison was a great time starting with getting to talk about Jesus and a relationship with Him to the CO (corrections officer) at the front desk, both when I came in and upon leaving. The time with the inmates was great too as we dig into what does an intimate relationship with Jesus look like. We spent some time talking about the incidences that 2 of the men had this week. Then we explored how those moments could have looked different and had an impact on those observing if Jesus had been the Source of the flow from them in everything said and done. I desire that so much for my life and it is stirring to watch as these men begin to grab a hold of this way of living and begin to desire it also. I encouraged these two men to make a positive impact for Jesus by going to those involved and asking for forgiveness.

Last week as the inmates were again thanking me for coming and giving to them of my time, I took the opportunity to tell them that it was possible only because of some very special people, our supporters. I asked them, as they pray to thank God for you and to pray for His blessings on you. Last night several came up to me and told me that they have been and will continue to pray for you. I hope knowing that just makes you feel blessed all the way down to your toes. You are having a great impact into the lives of people here in SE Colorado.

Seeking Him,
Bill & Mary

Friday, October 2, 2009

Sunday Services in Aguilar- Delay and more delays

To our praying friends,
Many of you are inquiring how Sunday services went in Aguilar. Well we got bumped from using the community center as someone else reserved it. So we were planning to start for sure this coming Sunday. That is until I got a call from the mayor today. She explained to me that we could rent the center but first she wants to have the town board approve it. This is after she had previously said that it would be alright for us to use it. Also until we get that approval I cannot use it for the Friday night mens Bible study. We have been doing the Bible study there since March. I was immediately reminded of Eph. 6:10-19.
Would you all be praying for a resolution to this. No doubt, God has a plan and He is not caught by surprise in all of this. Jesus is the Light and the darkness cannot overcome it.
At the Cross,
Bill & Mary

Monday, September 21, 2009

"Have anything you need help with?" Sept 21 update

"Hey do you have any work that you need help with?" I hadn't seen Matt in several weeks. But yesterday he passed by the house on his way to ??? Matt is one of the teens I have met while helping at the Morning Star Youth group. I have been waiting for this moment for almost 2 months, I just didn't know who God would send. You see I had a trailer full of "stuff" in front of our house- the last load of our things from Tularosa. "How hard do you want to work Matt?"

Matt was up to the challenge. As we carried stuff in and wrestled some furniture up the stairs, I learned a little more about Matt and his family. In previous conversations I had learned that Matt is really into Star Trek, Star Wars and all the deep space research. We were almost done when Matt asked me what I thought was going to take place in 2012. "HMMMM well I know there are a lot of people making predictions based on a lot of things. But I know only this- that God our Father is the only one who truly knows what will happen in 2012 or any other day. Matt did you know that even Jesus doesn't know when He will return? We can trust in Him today and every day for our salvation and for every aspect of our whole lives." I knew Matt has accepted Jesus as his Savior. Now it's time for him to become grounded in scripture and discover what a relationship with Jesus is all about.

Whoa! It is snowing like crazy here today.

Would you be praying as we begin Sunday morning worship and Bible teaching with some in Aguilar this Sunday Sept.27. We have had some ask us about doing this and believe God is leading us to this need. We desire to respond to Him.

Also would you be praying as we seek a location to have an After School Bible Club in Gardner. We had a VBS there this summer and desire to continue working with the children and their families.

Seeking Him,

Bill and Mary

Sunday, August 16, 2009

August Newsletter

Summer Summary

The last part of May was spent preparing for 2 VBSs in our area. Being new and not too many people being familiar to AMF, I believed it was important for

people to see us face to face. I now have quite a few more miles on my boots, and

I got to meet more people.

VBS week was May 25-29. Curtis Rhoadarmer brought Ray, Matt, & Alex to lead the VBSs. We recruited Rebecca Rice from the Fairs to add a feminine touch. Good thing she came too, as the VBS in Gardner was attended by 13 girls, 0 boys. In Walsenburg we had the VBS in our backyard and it was attended by 15 boys and girls.

Between the 2 VBSs there were 15 kids who asked Jesus to be their

Savior!!!!!!!!! Thank you for your faithful praying on behalf of this ministry! God is working!!

La Veta Rodeo Bible Camp What a great time we have helping out at this camp. This was our 2nd year here. Mary again assisted Barb Fair in preparing some great meals for these young cowboys & cowgirls. I helped with the Shooting Sports part of the camp.

Building Fences and


Mary decided to get into the bee raising business. One of the things she needed was a “bear proof” enclosure for her hives. Manuel lives in Aguilar & he has built fence most of his life.

Having Manuel come help me would be a good way to continue building a relationship with him. Mary brought us lunch & we spent the next 2+ hours talking about Jesus & His gift of redemption for us. Manuel is now also coming to the Friday night Bible study in Aguilar


June 27 Mary was seeing to the needs of her bees and was bit on the toe by a rattlesnake. Minutes after getting to the emergency room she went into anaphylactic shock. We are so thankful that we were at the hospital at this life threatening moment. She was

intubated & flown to Pueblo where she spent the next 5 days in a coma and a total of

10 days in the hospital. We don’t begin to know the reasons why this has happened but we have had opportunities to tell people about God’s love, provision, & healing. We were privileged to get to pray with & encourage several families as well as staff at the hospital. About 10:30 one evening I was prompted to go get something to eat. There were several long painful & restless nights for Mary as she came off the sedation.

Getting on the elevator, I discovered I was with the CEO of the hospital. I just had to thank him for having such a wonderful & caring staff. We began talking & he wanted to know about Mary’s condition & how it happened. No way to let this conversation go by without giving praise to our Father & His healing touch. I also got to share with him what we do as missionaries in SE Colo. The last 2 months have been quite different than we had planned & thought was God’s plan for us. Thanks to the thousands of people all over the world that have been praying for Mary.

Prayer and Praise!

For Mary & the healing that has taken place, & as her body continues to heal.

Our home in New Mexico sold! PTL—we closed July 28th!

My mom (Bill) had surgery for breast cancer at the same time as Mary’s incident. She is now going through chemo treatments and all the emotions and complications that go with that.

We are preparing to start after school Bible clubs for the kids in Gardner & Aguilar

Some people in Aguilar have asked us to begin Sunday services there

The Bible studies at the prison with the Arizona inmates. We have had between 12 & 21 attend each Wednesday night .

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Glidden update 7-21 - Update on Mary's progress

Computers- frustrating things at times! My computer died back somewhere the middle of June. I have our master email list on my computer. We never could figure out how to get it transferred onto Bill's computer. If you have not received our email updates during the past few weeks we are so very sorry. It was not intentional and since that time we have remedied that issue by hand typing all the addresses back in the computer. If you are receiving this email and do not wish to be on our email list just give us a quick email asking to be taken off. I couldn't get to just the ministry email list- I could only access the entire list so I may have added some names that do not wish to be on our update list.

With that said- we thought we should give everyone an update as to the events of the past several weeks- please just skip if you have already been informed of the RATTLESNAKE INCIDENT! Below the summary of what happened is a current update in red.

Saturday June 27 our son Jonathan had brought our 5th wheel back to us as we were heading out to speak at a Sr. high camp the next week and needed it for our time there. Many of you know I became a beekeeper and while we were out at the land I decided to check the bees water. Without warning I felt a prick on my left big toe and told Bill something had just bitten me. I then saw the rattlesnake there by the water tub.

Bill drove me to the Walsenburg hospital where they administered a pain killer Fentanyl- immediately I started with an allergic reaction and felt my face and body begin to swell. I went into anaphylactic shock. The team induced a coma and put me on life support and then Flight For Life took me to St. Mary Corwin Hospital in Pueblo. There I basically fought for my life for several days as antivenin and meds kept bringing allergic reactions.

Finally on Tuesday they told Bill they would start the process of bringing me off the ventilator as the swelling in my airway had decreased. I guess I didn't like the thing, as before they could begin the process I somehow got that thing out of my throat while still being tied down!

I continued to have allergic reactions to the antibiotics and meds they were giving. Finally after 10 days in the hospital I was allowed to go home with, what I call , House arrest instructions- totally off foot- foot elevated at all times- no outside activity.

Bill has been taking care of me wonderfully and my sis, Kathy came out one weekend to help him get a bit of a break!

We went to the Dr. on Friday (July 17) and I can start putting some weight on the foot and hope to be able to start walking with out a crutch in a few more days. My toe is looking pretty good- just the inside part of the big toe has some dead tissue. From talking to others this is a miracle in itself, as most of the time rattlesnake bites will affect the entire limb. Our neighbors brother was bit years ago. His whole arm was affected and he lost the finger that received the bite.

The Dr. also gave me permission to travel so we are planning on going to Tularosa, NM later this week to close on our house and pack the rest of our household!! Yes, after 2 years on the market our home has SOLD!!!

I am so thankful for God's protection and healing grace to me! Your prayers have been such an important part of my healing process and I so wish I could thank each of you personally for lifting me up in prayer and sending cards & plants & flowers, calling, making meals, etc. We have been surrounded by so many who have made me feel so loved and cared for during this time!

Today, Tuesday, I was able to go to our chat and coffee and bread distribution that we have in Aguilar- I so missed this great bunch of people and was blessed to be back. I am still needing to work on building up my strength and endurance- everyone was so sweet about wanting to help. We have grown to love these precious friends so much!

We look forward to seeing how God will use this snake encounter for His glory in the future. It has been a great conversation starter as it seems news got around fast about the lady who got bit by a rattlesnake in Walsenburg!

Praising God for His Abundant Mercy and Grace!

Bill and Mary

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mary came home!

We brought Mary home from the hospital yesterday(Tuesday) afternoon. She got some pretty good rest last night. She is under "house arrest" and is to stay off of her foot for 10 days. Keeping the foot from becoming infected is the concern right now. The platelet count did go up. Again thank you for all your prayers and love!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Mary's account of Rattlesnake ordeal!

I am simply overwhelmed with emotion as I look back over the last week of my life. I am sitting in my hospital bed at this moment feeling like I am actually going to make it for the first time 7 days. Many have asked what happened last week and so I will try to give you a glimpse of my very interesting week!

Last Saturday our son Jonathan had brought our 5th wheel back to us as we were heading out to do a church camp the next week and needed it for our time there. The camp had issued a paper stating no sandles would be allowed do to snakes- I had ordered a pair of sneakers and thought -well no time like th present to start breaking these puppies in. When Iwent to put them on they ended up being too small and since we were just making a quick trip to the land to unload the trailer I put a pair of sandles on. Many of you know I became a beekeeper and while we were out there decided to check the bees water. Without warning I felt a prick and told bill Something had just biten me when I then saw the rattle snake there by the water hole. Bill immediately drove me to the Walsenburg hospital where they administered a pain killer Fentenye- immediately I started with an allergic reaction and felt my face and body begin to swell. I went into Antifilatic Shock. The team induced a coma and put me on life support and then Life flighted me to Saint Mary Corwins hospital in Pueblo where I basically fought for my life for several days as anti venom and meds kept bringing allergic reactions. Finally on Tuesday they told Bill they would start the process of bringing me off the ventilater- I guess I didn't like the thing as before they could begin the process I somehow got that thing out of my throat. I can not begin to tell of the ordeal of all that went on and yet in the midst of it all Jesus was there in each Doctor, nurse, tech, cleaning lady etc. that ministered to me in my time of need. There is some difficuty with my platelet levels, antibiotic reactions etc but I feel blessed to have been given another day to live for Him. My foot is oh so sore and they feel with all the reactions the antivenon may not have worked. My Fibromylgia is in full flare mode after being bed ridden for 8 days now. I can not put any pressure on my foot for now and hopefully by tomorrow the team of Drs will have some conclusions as to where to go from here. Maybe home? Even so it will be a long recovery time. I am not the most patient person and ask for prayer that I will let God be God during this time and rest in Him and His timing./ My DH has been absolutely a Godsend,our boys were here, my Mom and sisters, tons of precious prayers going up on my behalf- Thank you.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Turkeys, Bees, and VBS!

OK where do I start? Let me just tell you that the last 4 weeks have been an amazing time of watching God work.

* "Training of the Twelve". By the time we got camp set up it had turned into the "Training of the Four", and everyone that was supposed to be there was there. What a great time of getting into the Word, dealing with life issues, fellowshipping together, and hunting with and learning from some avid turkey hunters. Promise not to laugh? The turkey whisperer called one in for me and....... I missed.

* Got home from hunting and quickly shifted gears to promoting for the 2 VBSs that were held May 25-29. One week to let 2 towns know about the VBSs. Being new and not too many people being familiar to AMF, I believed it was important for people to see us face to face. I now have quite a few more miles on my boots, and I got to meet more people.

* VBS Week. Curtis Rhoadarmer brought Ray, Matt, & Alex to lead the VBSs. We recruited Rebecca Rice from the Fairs to add a feminine touch. Good thing she came too, as the VBS in Gardner was attended only by girls. A great big applause for Mary who did all the cooking for this crew and making sure everyone was comfortable. Me - well I got to play and talk to some of the parents and play and burn hotdogs.

**If you will click on any of the pictures below they will enlarge
Gardner- we had 13 girls attend and made some great friends. On Friday at the end of our time we invited families and friends to a weiner roast. We talked briefly about the possibility of a weekly kid's Bible club, since there is nothing going on for the kids in this little town.

Walsenburg- we had 15 boys and girls attend here. It was great to see our backyard full of activity in the afternoons. We met new families here in town through this VBS. We look forward to getting to know them better and find God's directing to minister to them in the future. Between the 2 VBSs there were 15 kids who asked Jesus to be their Savior!!!!!!!!!
Thank you for your faithful praying on behalf of this ministry! God is working!!

We took the team to Bishop's Castle and to Westcliff for some food and bowling as a thank you for all their help-

We kinda sorta thought we would just have a light week this week to prepare for the LaVeta Rodeo Bible Camp starting tomorrow. God thought it would be cool to mess up our plans- it was :>)

Real quick- the condensed version. 14 guys showed up at the new Bible study at the prison. Shared Jesus with Manuel who helped us build fence around Mary's new beehives. 2 new guys at tonights Bible study (one being Manuel). Several opportunities to help/ minister to people in the community. Talked to a couple of neighbor boys who missed VBS but keep asking when we are going to have "church" again.

We also have unexpected guest here this weekend while we help at the Rodeo BIble camp then Mary's sister Maureen, and family will be here Monday and staying the week- Look forward to spending some time with family!

You guys, our faithful support team, are amazing!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Seeking Him,
Bill and Mary

The new beekeeper in town!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers day! May 10 update

Blessings to you and Happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful mommas.

Mary hosted a wonderful Mother’s Day Tea Saturday afternoon. There were 7 here being treated to Mary’s lavish hospitality. Chocolated strawberries, a variety of teas, and many other treats that you only get in the world’s finest places.

playing dress up

Puppet show for the Mommies!

This update I thought I would start off with letting you know some things to pray for in the upcoming weeks.

1. Next week I will be in the Pagosa Springs area for “The Training of the Twelve”. This is a discipleship time / spring turkey hunt. I am really looking forward to this and being with AMF missionary Bill Fair. I will tell you about this time when I return. Mary will be holding down the ministry at home and hopefully planting her garden. (If it doesn’t snow) :^(

2. Upon returning we will move into promoting the 2 VBS that we will have the following week ( May 25-29). Curtis & Rachael Rhoadarmer , AMF missionaries in NE Colorado, will bring a team of summer missionaries to conduct these VBSs. There will be one in the morning in Gardner. And one in the afternoon in our backyard here in Walsenburg.

3. At this point it seems to be cleared for me to go back into the prison with a Bible study on June 3.

4. On June 6 we will again be working at the La Veta Rodeo Bible Camp.

Now I know the way I worded those prayer requests that it sounds like us “doing” things. As you pray, let me remind us that this is about people and their eternal life, and that what we are to be about is responding to Him. Pray that we will be sourced only by the Father and that what happens will be from Him flowing from us.

I’ve got to tell you about some of my new friends here in Walsenburg. They range in age from 8- 12. Nicky and Andrew are brothers. Santana and JJ are brothers. I met them helping out down at the Morning Star Youth Mission on Thursday nights. We’ve cut wood together and pulled weeds together. They come by looking for work to earn money, and I let them work so that they can have opportunities to hear more about Jesus. Pray for these boys and our times together. Also would you pray that this will open the door to their families and ministry to them.

Mary and I are so thankful for your prayers and support. We know for sure that many of the things that we have seen happen in the last 1 1/2 years here, have happened because of your dedication to pray.

Blessings to you and Happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful mommas.

Seeking Him,
Bill and Mary

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Quarterly newsletter- May 09

(This is the information we sent out in our quarterly (snail mail) newsletters- If you would like to receive a paper copy just give us a quick email and we will add you to our list!)

Love in any Language (or Culture)

One of the notable aspects of Jesus' ministry is that He spoke to people in the "language" of their culture. When He talked to farmers He used illustrations and examples common to an agrarian society. He did the same with fishermen, shepherds and others. The Ethnic Summit Conference, we attended in March, gave us the stimulus to discover the cultures of the various ethnic groups we work with in order to speak about the Gospel in the words that they relate to. Pray with us that God will take us to those doors that need opened in SE Colorado.

Enjoying fellowship together at the Ethnic Summit in Arizona

One cold winter evening, sitting by the wood stove, I discovered Facebook.com. What I discovered was a media through which I could connect with people I hadn’t seen or talked to in years, many I had lost track of. Patrick, one of the teens in our youth group-30 YEARS AGO, was one of my connections. It wasn’t long before I got a message in my inbox with this question- “Could you put me on track to some passages referring to ...finding the way to God, ...faith. How do I put aside everything that I believe is
logical and give myself to Jesus?” We communicated back & forth for a month. We had lunch with Patrick as he lived in the same city that the Ethnic Conference was held. Mary and I shared with him a number of scriptures, primarily Luke 15, about our Father who desires the return of His repentant son and the awesome picture of His extravagant love. A few days later we received an email from Patrick –“ had a
wonderful lunch with you two...thank you. I came home and thought about our discussions ...later I sat in my room and realized that the only right thing to do was ask for forgiveness and to come home....I prayed on it. The last time I actually prayed was 20 years ago …. I felt a burden off of me....I will continue to learn and do my best to listen.... I want to continue to have fellowship with you and direction....thank you for pointing me in the right direction.” Pray for Patrick in his new walk with Jesus.

We were blessed to spend 4 days in Mammoth Lakes, Ca. in March, skiing, sightseeing and enjoying time spent with our youngest son David, who works ski patrol on the mountain

The prison ministry is on hold. All Colorado inmates are being transferred to other
facilities. This prison will begin accepting inmates from Arizona. There will be many changes in this move, like no Faith Pod. We have a great chaplain here and he is
working hard to assure that there will be solid Biblical teaching taking place. Continue to pray for the men that we were blessed with as we looked at “Christ in you, the hope of glory.”

BoldFinancial Support Update

During these challenging economic times we have seen a 20% /month drop in our support. Pray with us for new financial ministry partners who will join in this exciting time of reaching SE Colorado with the Gospel.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


“But Peter arose and ran to the tomb; Stooping and looking in, he saw the linen wrappings only; and he went away to his home, MARVELING at that which had happened.” Luke 24:12.

Mary and I spent last week visiting David at Mammoth Lakes, CA. We spent 4 days in various activities such as skiing Mammoth Mtn., cross country skiing, walking around Alabama Hills at the foot of Mt. Whitney, observing tufas at Mono Lake, and of course checking out any and all thrift stores in the area. Most of what I did was MARVEL at the magnificent site of the Eastern Sierra Nevadas. It is one thing to appreciate the beauty and wonder from a distance but my heart wanted to be right in the middle of these mountains, finding and seeing more. I wanted to see what John Muir saw as he explored these same mountains, valleys, domes, and waterfalls.

MARVEL: to become filled with surprise, wonder, or amazed curiosity.

In our Bible study at the prison we have been looking at Col. 1:13- 2:19. We spent quite a bit of time looking at 2: 2-3. This is talking about exploring and MARVELING, causing more exploring and more MARVELING into the “true knowledge of God’s mystery, that is, Christ Himself, in whom are hidden ALL the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” As these men leave and are moved to other facilities, I desire for them to constantly MARVEL at the Word of God which will cause them to seek more, to seek more of Him.

I am still not sure of what the future holds for ministry at this prison, with the changes. Pray with me that I will hear God’s direction.

Many of you are praying for and ask about the Bible study in Aguilar. The attendance varies, and we are seeking God’s direction as to stimulating the MARVEL, the amazed curiosity of God and His word. Thanks for your prayers!!!!

OK so I have to ask this question to me and you. Do you MARVEL? Do I walk around constantly surprised, in wonder and amazed curiosity? “And they said to one another, “Were not our hearts BURNING within us while He was speaking to us on the road, while He was explaining the Scriptures to us?” Luke 24:32.

Bill & Mary

Friday, March 13, 2009

"For I am the Lord; I do not change...'

“For I am the Lord; I do not change…..” Malachi 3:6 I am so glad of that!! Being a new missionary, in a new location, meeting lots of new people, making new friends, & doing things I have never done before (Bible study at a prison) I was pretty sure I didn’t need anymore change in my life for awhile. Apparently that is not the way our Father sees it.

Tonight I was told that ALL the inmates at Huerfano County Correctional Center will be moved to other CDOC facilities & this prison will house inmates from Arizona. Relationships were just beginning to be built and trust that we would examine scripture to find truth and not opinion; it is too quickly being put to an end. At least that’s the way it seems to me. I don’t know all the changes this will bring about for me, but we will seek His direction in this.

Pray for these guys that they will find some good spiritual teaching at their new facilities. Praise, two of the inmates that have been a part of the study will be released in the next couple of weeks. Pray for them.

Friday night Men’s Bible study is off to a good start. The first 2 weeks I had 1 man join me. I know, it wasn’t the 6-8 that I was expecting. Last week it DOUBLED & there were 2 studying with me. Continue to pray for this time & the men of Aguilar. There is a battle going on, we are invading territory, and the battle is not against flesh & blood, but against the rulers, powers, & the spiritual forces of darkness. Hey wait, don't send this out yet. Just got back from Friday Bible study and I have to tell you I was joined by 5 men tonight & we had a great time of looking at Col. 1:13-23.

I can’t tell you enough of our deep appreciation for your support of this ministry through your prayers and generous financial gifts. You & us, as a team, with Christ at the head, we will see great victories!!!!

Bill & Mary

Friday, February 13, 2009

2-18-09 update- Famous Footwear, Prison Stint, New Bible Study!!!!

I'd like to give you a brief break from FOX News, CNN, MSNBC, and all the rest of the purveyors of "news".

Prison update

I have told you how the inmates at HCCC expressed an appreciation for me coming and doing a Bible study with them. The last couple of weeks that has changed to "we really appreciate what we are receiving and learning about "Christ in you" moment by moment." Last week, towards the end of our time 3 men asked for forgiveness from their "brothers" for the ways they have acted and spoke. (Sorry Randy but I just have to borrow this from you.) :>) YEEEEEEEEE HAAAW!!!!!! Don't stop praying for these men - pray that they will BEcome "agents of redemption" at the prison and on the street when they are released.

Did I mention another birthday? Didn't I just have one of those? The great thing is they say with age comes wisdom. HMMMM maybe I'm younger than I think.

Aguilar Bible Study!

This Friday evening a new Bible study will be starting in Aguilar with some men. (the women look disappointed they can't come) Looks like we might have between 6-8 there. We will tell you more about this on our next breaking news.

Famous footwear!

Last week we were very privileged to have the new Executive Director of AMF in our home. Yes that's the one - the guy wearing the red tennis shoes-Ridge Burns. Our Regional Director Stan Spiess, brought him to meet and visit with us. Ridge (don't call him Dr.) has been traveling around meeting the missionaries and learning about the workings of AMF. Apparently he was curious to get a peek at some "rookie" missionaries. We had a blast! Took him to Aguilar and by the prison so that he could not just hear about but see. The community center was open when we arrived and so Ridge got to meet a few of our Aguilar friends.Did I mention we had a blast? Wasn't that more refreshing than the news ?

Be blessed,

Bill & Mary

Friday, January 30, 2009

Glidden update 1-30-09

I was just thinking how even though the holidays are past, we NEVER stop celebrating and rejoicing that Jesus our Savior and Redeemer has come to us!!!

We made a trip to Alamogordo at Christmas to be with family this year. Mary thought she would get to warm up for a few days. :>) I guess the cold weather and snow followed us down there.

Then on the 7th of January we headed to Phoenix. on the way we stopped in Bosque Farms,N.M. to visit a friend of mine from grade school and his family. (there is quite a story behind this) This is our annual trip to Phx. as we for the last 9 years have attended the Cross Style Conference there. But this year we were also blessed to get to celebrate my parents 60th wedding anniversary!

We detoured to Alamogordo on the way back as Mary's grandmother was getting very close to passing from this life to the best life. Mary,sister Kathy, brothers John & Jim, & mom left for Texas to be with family & attend the funeral.

Bill's sister Jan, Husband Dave, Mom and Dad and us at 60th

Between trips I made sure I was here for 1 Wednesday Bible study at the prison since I would be gone the next 2 Wednesdays. Last week the question came up "can we really live as Jesus did and taught us to live, as Paul lived and the disciples lived?" There are 2 ways to respond here. I can answer a resounding YES when it is "Christ in you". Or we can look at and talk about what the Bible says & let you come to a conclusion. Both responses seemed appropriate here as I never know whether I will ever see some of these guys again on this earth. But my main emphasis was on let's look at the Bible and you tell me what the answer is. YOU take the words of Jesus, Peter & Paul & let the Holy Spirit kneed those into your heart & then YOU conclude the answer. My prayer is that God will use me as a catalyst to stimulate the discovery of the TRUTH.

Aguilar Coffee and Chat Time

Continue to pray with us for the town of Aguilar. More and more the conversation over a cup of coffee turns to Jesus. Last week I was privileged to talk to a woman, who has been reading "Da Vinci Code" type stuff, about Jesus. This week another man expressed interest in a Bible study. We are hoping to start a study very soon!

Thanks to the Myers, Mary made it back home. Joe stayed with us for several days. We only got We only got to give him a small glimpse of what God is up to here as we kept him busy helping me blow in 12" of much needed insulation in our home. I can't thank him enough for his generosity of time, & servants heart in this help.

To show our appreciation we took him to a "Chile Cook Off" at a church in Pueblo. He left here still breathing fire.

While at the Chili cookoff we got to spend a little time with our Regional director and wife Stan and Jan Spiess. Please continue to pray for Stan as he deals with chemo treatments and an upcoming PET Scan.

Sunday we had a dinner and invited all the pastors and those in ministry plus their spouses for a time of food, fellowship, and prayer. It ended up being a small gathering of 7 but we are trusting that it will be a beginning of living out the call "that they will know we are His disciples by our love for one another" John 13:35

We pray for you that you will be blessed & a huge blessing to those God puts in your path!

Come see!

Bill & Mary

PS - for those of you not familiar with blogging you can click on the little tab right below here that says comments and leave us a comment, prayer request, question or just say hi and let us know you were here! Would love to hear from you!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


We live in a beautiful state! It is fun to take pictures of the different places we travel and I thought it would be fun for you to travel along with us via pictures! We won't say alot along the way just let you soak in God's beauty and some funny or interesting things we see along the way.

You can click on any of the photos to enlarge them.

Our first stop is White Rock, Colorado

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Old Coal Mining Town

THis is one of many old coal mining towns that you can see in the area. This particular one is about 5 miles south of Walsenburg- click on photos to enlarge