Monday, October 26, 2009

Chilly, Chili and lots more news!

To our praying family and friends,

I think I am past due on an update of what God is doing around here. So here we go.

We have now had 3 amazing Sunday worship times and Bible teaching at the Aguilar Community Center. The first Sunday we met at 9:30 a.m. and had freezing rain for weather. Ten of us Body parts attended. We decided to start meeting at 6:00 pm. So the 2nd Sunday with beautiful weather we had 9 attend. Yesterday evening with snow coming down there were 11 of us meeting to worship Him and dig into His Word. I am not yet convinced that we should pray for bad weather on Sunday.

Hey, remember me telling you that on Oct. 25 the historical society was going to use the Community Center for their annual chili dinner. Mary and I went to the chili dinner, and what a great time to get to meet some more new people. Well they had some chili left over and asked if we would like to have it for our meeting time. Our service last night started with 2 flavors of great homemade chili, salad, and cupcakes. Everyone that wanted more took some home. Whew, were we ever ready to praise our Savior. The singing time would have been great but I am not doing very good at picking out songs that the people know. I am going to try to convince them that we are following Ps.33:3. "Sing to Him a new song" We were thinking that some cd's with just music on them, to sing along with might be helpful. Any suggestions? We will also be looking for a white erase board. I often like for people to see what I am saying, making that visual connection.

Did I mention we have had snow? I just went and bought my 2nd snow shovel since moving here. I found another older couple today who needs someone to shovel their snow. The cup of coffee and great conversation afterward is a nice compensation. Oh and yes always a hug. Our neighbor Wendy calls these our "gumdrop" trees! They were drippin with snow!

It snowed last Wednesday. We got 9 inches in that storm. It was still snowing when I went into the prison for Bible study. I decided these Arizona boys are all from southern Arizona as only 5 braved the elements and would walk a couple hundred yards to the education building. It really turned out well as I believe it was all orchestrated by the Holy Spirit. One of the guys who is a very new believer had some questions and we were able to talk about them easily.

I still kinda get a kick out of some of the corrections officers here. They seem to question why I would show up on such a bad weather day. "Well you see I have to be here. No my boss doesn't make me, but Jesus compels me." "And you know some of these guys really look forward to this time."

You may remember this spring I had the privilege of turkey hunting with a great group of guys. Marvin Robbins aka "Boss gobbler" lead the "Training of the Twelve" on how to hunt turkey, how to call turkey, and how to BE a follower of Jesus. I had a great time being in the field with this big man of God who also happens to be one of the best turkey hunters/callers in the country. I got a call yesterday telling me that Marvin, while deer hunting, had had a heart attack and now stands in the presence of his Savior and Lord. Please pray for his wife,family, and many friends. This morning I was reading several of the Arizona outdoor blogs, all full of condolences, sorrow, and memories of Marvin. He touched many lives in the hunting/ conservation world with his passion for hunting and even more with his intense love of Jesus.

Update on my mom, she is going through radiation treatment the next several weeks. Please remember her in your prayers.

Thank you each one for being there for us!

In Christ Alone,
Bill & Mary

Friday, October 9, 2009

Sunday Services in Aguilar- They're on again!

To our praying and loving friends,

I want to update you on the moving towards having Sunday worship & Bible teaching in Aguilar.

On Monday, about 4:30pm we were heading out of Trinidad, CO with our camper in tow. It had been used for a hunting camp, 50 miles east of there, by the Fairs (fellow AMF missionaries and wonderful friends). I received a call from a brother in Christ who is on the Aguilar Town Board, telling me that they would be meeting at 6pm that evening. One of the items on the agenda was our use of the community center. That meant a very quick trip home, change clothes, and go down to Aguilar.

All that said, it was voted to let us rent the community center temporarily. So we will come together this Sunday and see what God desires to do. One question was " what happens when someone in the community needs to use the center on Sunday morning"? The mayor answered by stating that if we are paying rent then we would have use of it regardless. I sensed the Spirit tell me that that isn't how He wants to work in this time. I asked to address that question and told them that we wanted to be flexible and allow the community center to always be for the community. We could on those occasions meet at a different time or ? The next morning that was put to the test as the lady in charge of the historical society came to me at our coffee time and explained that she had forgot to reserve that center for Oct.25 for their annual chili dinner. "Pat you need to go ahead and plan your dinner for that Sunday". I believe that the light of Jesus is going to overwhelm this little community and possibly through times like this.

In all this we have had one of the little churches in town offer us the use of their building, if we don't mind meeting in the afternoon or evening. Several people from this church were at the town board meeting to support us.

He is worthy to be praised and thank you for your prayers.

Last night at the prison was a great time starting with getting to talk about Jesus and a relationship with Him to the CO (corrections officer) at the front desk, both when I came in and upon leaving. The time with the inmates was great too as we dig into what does an intimate relationship with Jesus look like. We spent some time talking about the incidences that 2 of the men had this week. Then we explored how those moments could have looked different and had an impact on those observing if Jesus had been the Source of the flow from them in everything said and done. I desire that so much for my life and it is stirring to watch as these men begin to grab a hold of this way of living and begin to desire it also. I encouraged these two men to make a positive impact for Jesus by going to those involved and asking for forgiveness.

Last week as the inmates were again thanking me for coming and giving to them of my time, I took the opportunity to tell them that it was possible only because of some very special people, our supporters. I asked them, as they pray to thank God for you and to pray for His blessings on you. Last night several came up to me and told me that they have been and will continue to pray for you. I hope knowing that just makes you feel blessed all the way down to your toes. You are having a great impact into the lives of people here in SE Colorado.

Seeking Him,
Bill & Mary

Friday, October 2, 2009

Sunday Services in Aguilar- Delay and more delays

To our praying friends,
Many of you are inquiring how Sunday services went in Aguilar. Well we got bumped from using the community center as someone else reserved it. So we were planning to start for sure this coming Sunday. That is until I got a call from the mayor today. She explained to me that we could rent the center but first she wants to have the town board approve it. This is after she had previously said that it would be alright for us to use it. Also until we get that approval I cannot use it for the Friday night mens Bible study. We have been doing the Bible study there since March. I was immediately reminded of Eph. 6:10-19.
Would you all be praying for a resolution to this. No doubt, God has a plan and He is not caught by surprise in all of this. Jesus is the Light and the darkness cannot overcome it.
At the Cross,
Bill & Mary