Monday, September 20, 2010

A Pipe Dream

We are seeing both good progress and minimal progress in getting the clothing pantry in Aguilar up and running.

Many hands make light work"- that was so true the Saturday we painted the inside of the building! Several from our fellowship and Pastor Dan from Colorado City came out to help spruce up the inside. My, it is amazing what a little paint will do!!

Always good to see someone on his knees! (Pastor Dan Carlson)

Ken was a paint rolling machine!! Blue and pink were old colors-
Custom mixed (Ken and Bill hand mixing ) flat white paint that was graciously donated and
a variety of oops paint colors made a beautiful golden tan -
Mary was holding her breath till it got on the walls as it looked not so good in the buckets!

We are being blessed with a good amount of clothing donations, and are ready to start sorting. The one big hold up is racks to hang the clothing on. Clothing racks seem to be hard to come by so we have decided that we would just make some racks out of pipe. I have checked out the price of black pipe to construct 5' long racks double decked. The materials to build 1 (one) rack will cost $108.00. I am sure that you have figured out pretty quickly that that is waaaayyyyyyy out of our reach financially at this point.

My next thought was maybe, just maybe some of you would know where there is some pipe laying around that needs a new home and purpose. I have wire brushes so the condition of the pipe doesn't have to be new, although new is good. Any heavy duty clothing racks that you have laying around in your garage will do too!! :)

I suppose my biggest dilemma here is that I feel that the majority of any money that comes in should go to buying food for the people of this town. Yet there is a need to provide good clothing for them also.

So here I am before Father God and you seeking wisdom and input in this time and with these 2 needs. We appreciate every one of you so much!

Other Prayer Requests

In my last email we asked you to pray for Peggy, who had had 2 strokes. On Friday Peggy passed from this life. Our prayer was that during this time the Spirit ministered to her spirit to bring her to a place of assurance of salvation beyond the religious teaching she was familiar with. Please continue to pray for her family.

Would you also pray for Pastor Al Dagel. He has a blood infection that the doctors have not figured out as yet. We were blessed this last Sunday to be able to fill in for him at Grace Community Bible Church in Pueblo. We always enjoy being with this church.


Bill & Mary

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Deb said...

Hi Mary,
Just some suggestions for pipe...Chain link top rail is what a gal here uses at her thrift store. Steve suggested telescoping TV antenna. Another suggestion, if you need wire hangers you might go dumpster diving behind the clothing stores. They usually throw away the metal hangers in order to use the plastic ones. You are in our prayers!! Deb

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hi Mary and Bill...

I think that Deb's idea for an alternative pipe is great! Just wanted to leave you a little note to let you know that ya'll are in my prayers! I just know that God will provide!!! You guys are doing such a good encouraged, dear friends!!!

Love ya,
Chari @Happy To Design

Barbara Jean said...

hello new blogging friends.
it is nice to meet you.
sounds like a good work you are doing. God is faithful to complete what He has started in you, and your efforts to feed and cloth His children.

thanks for coming by my place and taking time to leave a note.


barbara jean